With Dr Peter Warburton

It has been a great joy to tread the path of “The Revelatory Power of Total Knowledge, Part 1” together – for student and teacher alike.

More than we had ever imagined – and more than even Dr Warburton himself had envisioned – “Revelatory Power 1” has demonstrated the extent to which this course is able to advance our understanding and experience of Maharishi’s Total Knowledge at the most profound level.

Dr Warburton described his own experience when reviewing again one of Maharishi’s recordings that new layers of understanding were consistently unfolding in the context of this course. This has also been an almost universal experience amongst the course participants.

As this great treasury of knowledge progressively unfolded, it became clear to Dr Warburton that to do justice to it would require more than the sessions remaining in part 1 of the course. Dr Warburton, therefore, proposed to extend the course for a Part 2 – a further eleven online sessions during May. The course participants responded in one voice with a resounding, “Yes, please!”

The course truly embodies the “Revelatory Power of Total Knowledge”. Experiencing this, we all naturally want more!

The tenth level of evolution –
for those established in Self-referral consciousness,
the infinite organising power of the Creator
becomes the charioteer of all action

Dr Peter Warburton currently oversees the Transcendental Meditation® organization in several countries, including the UK, Bulgaria, UAE, and Zambia. He has a Master’s Degree in social and political sciences from Cambridge University and a doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace.

Dr Warburton worked closely with Maharishi, Founder of Transcendental Meditation, for 36 years. Maharishi personally trained Dr Warburton to offer courses in Total Knowledge, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practising Transcendental Meditation.

In more normal times, Dr Warburton travels extensively to teach Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australasia, to Asia, to Europe, and to North America.


Not a self-help course... a Self Realisation course. – A.A

With each repeat of the Total Knowledge course, the charts become MORE dear, MORE clear - an Absolute celebration! – K.D

The course is a profound, transformative experience and a thrill within your own consciousness. – A.M.C

I have done many Total Knowledge courses before but each time something more falls into place. – G.M

I greatly enjoyed Raja Peter’s charming, meticulous, and faithful presentation of Maharishi’s unique and wonderfully complete cognition of Veda and the dynamics of creation within the grand Wholeness of Brahm. – R.C

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