Dr Malte Hozzel

Dr Hozzel is an internationally renowned author and lecturer, having given courses and spoken on Aromatherapy at countless congresses around the world since 1972. He received his PhD from Heidelberg University in world literature and linguistics in 1979.

Dr Hozzel had long been fascinated by research into the essential nature of plants. By 1990, essential oils had become a major focus of his interest. That year, he established a company in Germany, with the by-now world renown essential oil brand Oshadhi first being introduced in Europe, and from there to the United States and numerous other countries starting in 1992.

Years of research in the field of Aromatherapy culminated in a selection of several hundred essential oils and many other herbal products. Over the years Oshadhi has become known for offering one of the world’s purest collections of essential oils, known particularly to experts for its wide range of rare species’ essential oils.

In the last 20 years, Dr Hozzel has given lectures and seminars all over the world: Germany, France, USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, UK, Belgium, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, India, Philippines, Morocco, and Tunisia.

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