Science of Being and Art of Living


Lesson 1 & 2
Section I: Science of Being (pages 3 to 44)

Lesson 3
Section II: Life (pages 45 to 63)
Theme: Living Normal Life – Life in Harmony with Cosmic Life

Lesson 4
Section III: The Art of Living part one (Man’s Full Potential to Art of Being pages 63 to 126)
Theme: Living one’s full potential and harnessing the Almighty Power of Nature

Lesson 5
Section III:  The Art of Living part two (pages 127-179)
Theme: Art of thinking, speaking, acting and behaving

Lesson 6
Section III:  The Art of Living part three (pages 180-244)
Theme: Education, Health and Rehabilitation, leading to life in freedom

Lesson 7 
Section IV:  Fulfillment (pages to 245 to 307)
Theme: Fulfillment of all the goals of humanity everywhere

Lesson 8 

  • Discussion together of the whole book
  • Introduction to the Appendices
  • Bhagavad-Gita
  • Maharishi Vedic Science fulfilling the Science of Being and Art of Living
  • Teaching the knowledge
  • Maintaining the purity of Maharishi’s teaching
  • Appreciation of Maharishi’s book from the students