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Dr Bevan MorrisDr William Sands

6 - 29 October 2021

Published by Maharishi in 1963, “The Science of Being and Art of Living” is the summation of both the practical wisdom of integrated life advanced by the Vedic Rishis of ancient India and the growth of scientific thinking in the present-day western world.

“It presents a philosophy of life in fulfilment and brings forth a practice suitable for all men everywhere in the world to glorify all aspects of their day-to-day life. It deals with the fundamentals of all problems of life and suggests one sure cure to eradicate all sufferings.”

“This book presents a practical thesis of integrated life which has long been the abstract goal of the various sciences, religions, and metaphysical thought groups. This thesis will enable all men to harmonise their inner spiritual content with the glories of the outer material life and find their God within themselves.” [1]

In this course, Dr Morris shows how, in the Science of Being and Art of Living, Maharishi presents the Science of Being as the systematic investigation into the ultimate reality of the universe. Like other sciences, it begins its investigation from the gross, obvious level of life, then delving more deeply into the subtle levels of the experience of Nature, ultimately transcending the subtle regions, and reaching the transcendental field of eternal Being.

The Science of Being, applied to our lives through the technique of Transcendental Meditation, provides us with the Art of Living – thinking, speaking, acting, and behaving, well established at the level of pure Being. Experiencing pure Being twice daily through Transcendental Meditation, any individual in any nation can rise to enjoy higher states of consciousness, in which human life becomes filled with peace and joy, is vibrant with the infinite creative intelligence of being, and enjoys the support of the almighty power of Nature, the infinite organising power of Natural Law.

[1] From Maharishi’s Introduction.

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